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Mandisa Mjamba | Founder Code Cheri
Mandisa Mjamba | Founder

Founder’s Note

What we are about

Code Cheri is an all female development house and code initiative. We are building the tech industry up to be diverse; to be inclusive and accessible to everyone. We strive to get more women in Africa to enter the tech space all with the purpose of delivering quality tech products and contributing to innovation on the continent.

Over the past year, Code Cheri has been working in the background to produce great tech to startup businesses. We are using tech to enable businesses to establish their brands, engage with their customers, market their services and increase overall sales and impressions.

We are committed to pushing women into the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) space and seek to partner with other initiatives through tech events and workshops all to get more women in tech and to provide great solutions for businesses.

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That all women can employ themselves through code


To provide the tech and support that enables people to innovate


Fun in learning. Passion for our work. Committment to our clients

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